Husky Club

The Husky Club Aftercare program is an enrichment program offered to North East Carolina Prep School families.  In keeping with the school’s philosophy, the Husky Club strives to provide a nurturing environment and places top priority on enhancing the development of qualities such as self-esteem, self- discipline, integrity, compassion, and respect for one’s self and others.  The program will offer a safe and convenient atmosphere that is friendly, warm, and nurturing.  A professional staff member(s) will provide quality programming while respecting the diversity of each family.

The Husky Club will begin immediately following the school day.  Parents will need to preregister their child(ren) for the aftercare program.  The program may be used by NECP Children on a regular or occasional basis.  If your child is not a regular attendee, please notify your child’s teacher or the main office when childcare is needed.  We will assist with a positive transition into the program for that day.  If you are delayed in picking your child up from school, the teacher will wait with your child for the first 15 minutes.  If you are later than 15 minutes, your child will be sent to the Husky Club.  Parents will be charged according to the fees of the program.  Care will be provided from 3:00 until 6:00. 


The cost for the program will be as follows:

$6 per hour or $75 per week with a minimum of $3 per day (prior to 3:30)

If you have additional children, the cost will be as follows for each additional child:

$30 per week ($105 for 2 children) or $6 per child, per hour.

Those prepaying for the week will receive a complimentary 10% discount.

(To receive discount, payment must be received by close of business on prior Friday.)

Please contact our After School Program Director Kelly Spivey for more information.

Kelly Spivey

After School Program Director