Curriculum K-6

The curriculum focus at NECP is on academic achievement, academic structure, and vertical/horizontal planning to best help students master the curriculum across grade levels.

  • Teachers have common planning times to foster teamwork and allow for consistency across the grade level.

  • Six week pacing guides have been developed to align instruction with North Carolina Common Core Curriculum.

  • Curriculum is aligned to assessments that measure mastery of goals and objectives. Common assessments, formative assessments, benchmark assessments and progress monitoring will be used. Benchmark assessments will be given at the end of grading periods. These tests will correlate with grade level pacing guides.  Remediation and acceleration will take place after reviewing data.

  • Students in Kindergarten through third grade are assessed individually using DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) and READ 3D.

  • Pacing guides are available to students and parents.

  • McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders is our reading series that offers a variety of materials for classroom use and provides a home link for students to use after school. The program provides support for building a strong reading foundation:

    • Accessing complex text

    • Finding and using text evidence

    • Engaging in collaborative conversation

    • Writing to source

  • In addition, teachers in grades K-2 have implemented guided reading groups, and students are encouraged to read at home each night.

  • Houghton Mifflin Go Math provides solid instruction, practice and assessments. Teachers have full digital access to additional online materials. The program emphasizes:

o   Interactive lessons

o   Research-based instructional approaches

o   Best practices

o   Differentiated instructional strategies


  • Harcourt Science Fusion provides students a meaningful way to interact with science where they are asked to inquire, think, predict, analyze and apply. The program promotes a student-centered approach for:

    • Learning science concepts and vocabulary

    • Building inquiry, STEM, and 21st-century skills

    • Incorporating math and writing in each science lesson

    • Active reading with features to teach students how to analyze  and interact with content

  • Pearson myWorld Social Studies connects social studies content and literacy instruction with materials that are streamlined, flexible and attuned to our students. Innovative digital instruction is integrated, providing a blended program that is engaging and effective.

  • Testing strategies are incorporated into daily instruction.

  • Teachers use Schoolnet to design formative assessments that help prepare students for End-of-Grade testing.

  • Study Island, which covers all core subjects, is being used in the computer lab and classrooms to provide quality academic support and practice. In addition, students and parents can access Study Island at home.

  • Technology is incorporated across the curriculum.  Teachers use a variety of websites, such as ReadTheory, ReadWorks, XL Math, Kahn Academy, Starfall, etc. as tools for practice and remediation.

  • State and EVAAS (Education Value-Added Assessment System) data is used for analyzing, discussing effective teaching methods, practices, and instruction to improve student learning.

  • Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through progress reports, newsletters, websites, phone calls, text, NECP Facebook page and Husky Happenings. Conferences are available as needed. Agendas are used in grades 1-7.

For more information on our K-6 curriculum, please contact our Elementary School Principal, Vernita Williams.