Welcome to North East Carolina Prep!

We are thrilled that you have taken the time to learn more about school and all that we have to offer our students.  Our school serves students from over five counties and truly reflects the diversity of Eastern North Carolina.   At the same time, NECP also maintains a close-knit community of families through constant communication and community building activities. We offer students in kindergarten - 12th grade an excellent education that begins with their interest and curiosity, and inspires them to delve into meaningful learning opportunities.  Our programs extend beyond the basics, and include arts, athletics, agriculture, science and technology, and a variety of student-driven clubs and activities.  

We are incredibly proud of the work we are doing and look forward to helping you learn more about how North East Carolina Prep fits with the academic, social, and personal goals you have for your child. 

North East Carolina Prep is a public charter school open to all students.  The school is  tuition-free, with no cost to attend.  However, students must submit an application for admission.  Enrollment is limited and admission is determined by a lottery system as determined by the NC Board of Education.  When the capacity of the school is reached, students are placed on a waiting list and may be admitted when vacancies occur.